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Amid the post 1965 war examination Pakistan Navy felt the need of making a Special power, which could be utilized for secretive hostile operations against adversary shore based offices and the units adrift or in harbors. As an outcome, preparing volunteers for frogman/ special forces framed another hostile arm for Pakistan Navy in 1966. Soon after raising, the abilities of this world class gathering were duplicated through the procurement of smaller people, chariots and battle/ helper plunging gear. The preparation of volunteers chose from all extensions of the Navy for Special Service Group (Navy) was directed on the lines of British Special Boat Squadron (SBS), British Special Air Services (SAS) and US Navy SEALS. They were to be prepared as frogmen, commandos, paratroopers and administrators of exceptional specialty of various parts. Amid the beginning years, essential preparing of SSG (N) was directed at Diving School PNS HIMALYIA and the development preparing at PNS IQBAL, which was dispatched on 29 March 1967 as the home of SSG (N). Since 1968, all SSG (N) preparing is being directed at PNS IQBAL. 
Inside a couple of years of rising, SSG (N) partook in PAK-INDO war of 1971. Amid this war SSG (N) was isolated into two gatherings for X-specialty and SEAL Ops separately. SEAL Group took part in Counter Insurgency (CI) Ops in East Pakistan. Aside from the PN S/M, X-Craft were the main stage, which watched the enemy¬ís water for quite a long time. 
Amid initial two many years of its initiation SSG (N) capacities were bound to frogmen Ops with overpowering concentrate on submerged clandestine insertion through X-Craft and chariots. However through a well thoroughly considered preparing logic SSG (N) changed into an intense out fit equipped for working at Sea, Sub Sea, Air and Land measurements. Through out its history of right around 4 decades unit has been performing enhanced Ops according to the manages and work orders of higher HQs. 
Extraordinary Services Group (Navy) has been alloted after parts: 
  • Frogman Operations through X-Craft 
  • Air borne Operations 
  • Commando Operations 
  • Salvage Operations 
  • Search and Rescue Missions 
  • Training of SSG(N) 
  • Outside TRAINEES 
The unit has so far granted preparing to benevolent nations like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Iran and Sri Lanka. Likewise it is a standard highlight to lead joint activities with united nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Bahrain. 


  • Clearance Diving Course 18 weeks
  • Advance Frogman Course 10 weeks
  • Re-Compression Chamber Cours
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