Pakistan Navy Jobs
Pakistan Navy Jobs

Navy Official

The arrangement of Navy Officials browsed all augmentations of the Navy for Special Service Group (Navy) was coordinated on the lines of British Special Boat Squadron (SBS), British Special Air Services (SAS) and US Navy SEALS.

Naval Force:

They were to be arranged as commandos, paratroopers and overseers of outstanding claim to fame of different parts. In the midst of the starting years, key planning of SSG (N) was coordinated at Diving School PNS HIMALYIA and the advancement get ready at PNS IQBAL, which was dispatched on 29 March 1967 as the home of SSG (N). Since 1968, all SSG (N) planning is being coordinated at PNS IQBAL. 
Inside two or three years of rising, SSG (N) shared in PAK-INDO war of 1971. In the midst of this war SSG (N) was confined into two social events for X-strength and SEAL Ops independently. SEAL Group tuned in Counter Insurgency (CI) Ops in East Pakistan. Beside the PN S/M, X-Craft were the fundamental stage, which viewed the enemy¬ís water for truly quite a while. 
Phenomenal Services Group (Navy) has been alloted after parts: 
- Operations through X-Craft 
- Air borne Operations 
- Commando Operations 
- Rescue Operations 
- Pursuit and Rescue Missions 
- Preparing of SSG
- Outside trainees
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