Pakistan Navy Jobs
Pakistan Navy Jobs

Navy Recruitment


Preparing SCHEME 
After enrollment as cadets, Pakistan Naval Academy serves as the support, prepping them professionally, ethically, instructively, rationally and physically. Identity attributes of people are created which bring about capable Naval Officers outfitted with the most astounding goals of faithfulness, honor, fearlessness and commitment. 
Following 1½ years at PNA, the cadets go out as sailors and join ships. In the armada, they encounter the life adrift while working in distinctive regions installed. Following 6 months preparing adrift, the sailors are appointed as Sub-Lieutenants. 
Note: Free Messing, Accommodation and Uniform will be given amid preparing. 

After effective building graduation, the officers from Operations limb experience proficient courses 
at different schools which include: 
•  Surface Warfare 
•  Under Water Warfare 
•  Electronic Warfare 
•  Communications 
•  Navigation & Operations 
With this instructive and expert preparing, these officers are named installed boats to acquire watch-keeping authentications. 
For Mechanical limb officers, 2-1/2 years further preparing at PN Engineering College in the order of Mechanical Engineering acquires them the BE (Mechanical) degree from NUST. At that point these officers join the armada looking for watch-keeping declarations on board ships. 
Logistics limb officers join the School of Logistics and Management, subsidiary with Institute of Business Administration. Following 2 years of preparing, these officers win BBA(Hons) degree and join ships for their competency testaments. 
Qualification CONDITIONS 
Male residents of Pakistan 
Age: (On the first day of month in which passageway test is held) 
Non military personnel Candidates – 16 ½ to 21 years 
o Service Candidates – 17 to 23 years 
(Persons serving in Armed Forces in uniform) 
Conjugal Status: Unmarried (This condition won't matter on account of administration applicants) 
Tallness: 162.05 Centimeters (5' – 4") Minimum. 
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