Pakistan Navy Jobs
Pakistan Navy Jobs

Navy Selection

Pakistan Naval Academy:

After enlistment as cadets, Pakistan Naval Academy serves as the bolster, preparing them professionally, morally, informatively, normally and physically. Character traits of individuals are made which realize fit Naval Officers equipped with the most bewildering objectives of dedication, honor, dauntlessness and responsibility.  
Note: Free Messing, Accommodation and Uniform will be given. 
After successful building graduation, the officers from Operations appendage experience capable courses at distinctive schools which include: 
•  Surface Warfare 
•  Under Water Warfare 
•  Electronic Warfare 
•  Communications 
•  Navigation & Operations 
With this informative and master setting up, these officers are named introduced vessels to secure watch-keeping verifications. For Mechanical appendage officers, 2-1/2 years further get ready at PN Engineering College in the request of Mechanical Engineering gets them the BE (Mechanical) degree from NUST. By then these officers join the naval force searching for watch-keeping statements on board ships. Logistics appendage officers join the School of Logistics and Management, backup with Institute of Business Administration. Taking after 2 years of setting up, these officers win BBA(Hons) degree and join ships for their competency confirmations. 


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