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The fundamental Pakistan Naval Aviation base is spotted at Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Mehran, placed on the western side of the runway. The US Government as of late consented to give seven P-3Cs to the Pakistan Navy through its Foreign Military Sales process, despite the fact that they will be restored in Pakistan. To date two airplane are accepted to have been conveyed, joining the two P-3Cs that were come back to administration in September 2006 following quite a while of being in store because of an absence of extras. 
The Atlantics and the Sea King Mk. 46s are furnished with the AM-39 Exocet for the opposition to sending part. The Lynx HAS.3s procured from the Royal Navy in 1994 have as of late been withdrawn from administration, because of different reasons, so it is accepted that the maritime air arm has lost its ability to utilize Sea Skua and Mk 46 Lightweight Torpedoes in the opposition to submarine part from helicopter stages. 
Likewise based at PNS Mehran althought not some piece of the Naval Aviation are two BN-2 Defenders flown by the Maritime Surveillance FlightÂ’s 93 Sqn. The Flight is predominantly tasked for watching PakistanÂ’s Economic Exclusion Zone and reports to the Director General of the Maritime Security Agency. 
  • HQ Rawalpindi 
  • HQ Pakistan Armed Forces 
  • HQ Karachi 
  • HQ Pakistan Navy 
  • PNS Mehran, Karachi 
  • HQ Pakistan Naval Air A
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